Getting Started

Anamaya is available for iPhone® and iPod touch®. The app comes with series of seven meditations, six mindfulness exercises, and an extended visualisation. It also includes The Basics module and a meditation timer. It is the stepping-off point for your skilful meditation course.

Getting started is easy: simply start tap the Develop circle to select from the array of Modules, or tap the Meditate circle and start meditating. No account set up is required.


Set up an account after your first meditation. An account lets you save your progress if you happen to lose your device.

You can switch focus areas at any time by dragging down or tapping the symbol in the top right: the focus menu appears.

Each focus area has four levels, each with seven meditations and mindfulness exercises, and a unique visualisation for each focus and level. You are learning skilful meditation, so meditations between focuses may be similar.


Choose from the selection of Modules from our panel of experts. Choose ones to get things moving in your life, or ones to help with challenges you may be facing. There is a module for everyone — and more than one for most.

Look at ‘Setting Up’, ‘Firm but Gentle’ and ‘Monkey Mind’ in The Basics module — they help.


Track your progress and keep your plant healthy!

Your plant's Health Level is calculated with a proprietary, patent-pending algorithm. If you miss a few days, your plant will wither; it's not a pretty sight, but don't worry — you can bounce back to health with a meditation session.

As your practice continues, you will unlock additional plant species — a Cherry Tree Bonsai and the Lotus.

Meditation Timer

Take a time out with an unguided, timed meditation using the Timer feature.

Simply tap the plus symbol at the bottom of the main screen, then tap Timer to access the feature.

Ambiance & Reminders

Change the app's Ambiance by tapping the plus symbol at the bottom of the main screen; then select Settings, then Ambiance.

You can also turn off ambient sound and adjust your reminder settings here.

Anamaya Quizzes

The Modules and Meditations in the app are complimented with a series of original Quizzes, designed to provide guidance and to measure your progress.

The Anamaya Quizzes are based on clinical questionnaires used by clinical and academic psychologists to assess aspects of personality. Use the quizzes to help you select a module to suit you and the challenges you are facing, and then go back to the quiz periodically to determine your progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

I updated to v1.1, but now I'm back to General / Level 1. How do I restore my progress?

Sign in to your Anamaya account to refresh your progress. You may also need to restore your previous in-app purchases to access content beyond General / Level 1.

If you didn't create an account, please send a message to for help restoring your progress.

Is this a final list of the Modules?

No. The Modules will be added to by the existing panel, and others may join the panel. The idea is to provide a tool that will grow with your requirements in developing and training your mind.

Do I have to do the meditation course?

You can choose simply to do one of the Modules, or go on to several. Our experts, agree, though, the the meditation course will greatly enhance your development.

Is there any scientific basis for meditation?

Yes, plenty. There has been a great deal of research over the last 20 years at places like Harvard, UCLA, Oxford and a host of specialist organisations, which explores the neuroscience of meditation, and establishes its mental, emotional and physiological benefits.

See the Science section of the Learning in the app for a more in depth answer.

Are there any dangers in meditating?

Meditation has been a safe practice of people from all backgrounds for thousands of years without any record of ill affects.

I cannot sit cross-legged on a cushion — is this a problem?

Not at all. You can sit in a chair — at your desk, on a park bench, on a bus, a train, a plane…

Will I lose my ‘edge’?

Not at all. Our perceived ‘edge’ is often nothing more than reacting quickly with an essentially emotional reaction. With proper mind training, you will be able to react from a considered position, a position of strength. Considered reactions are stronger and more effective than emotional reactions.

What is the religious component of meditation?

None. Although the world’s major religions all have a history in meditation, there is nothing at all inherently religious in meditation. It is simply mind-training: the basis of the Anamaya meditation is neuroscience and psychology.

What is the difference between relaxing and meditating?

Meditation will cause you to relax. However, if you simply try to relax, you may very easily become ‘wound up’ again. Proper meditation is mind training - you will be training your mind so that 'relaxation' is a state of mind. Relaxation is half-way there: meditation takes more effort, but it has greater long-term effects.

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