Jim O'Connor, author of the ‘Fulfilment’ module on the Anamaya app, writes in today’s blog, the first place to start the journey of living with fulfilment is to get our heads around what it means to live with fulfilment. That’s what these next few blogs are about. In this blog I am going to start by explaining why living with fulfilment is so incredibly important. Why it is the foundation stone of your happiness and success.

Before I start explaining what it means to live with fulfilment I first want to explain why. Let’s face it, if I can’t convince you why living with fulfilment is critical to your success and happiness, then there’s is no point in going any further with these blogs. If you don’t think it’s a seriously important idea, you won’t do it. So here goes.

To avoid lengthy boring arguments I thought I’d simply hit you with a list of why living with fulfilment is a seriously good and important idea.

  1. To be able to live to the max. No one wants to be dissatisfied with their life. Living with fulfilment will empower you to squeeze the best out of all of life experiences.

  2. To die happy, or rather to die fulfilled. The easiest way to die fulfilled is to have lived a fulfilling life.

  3. To get your mojo back. In other words when you learn to live with fulfilment you will tap back in to your natural authentic, confident, engagement with life and living.

  4. Life will become a playground of endless and meaningful possibilities. Sounds great to me. Imagine waking up every day wanting to go play at life?

  5. To live with purpose. Living with fulfilment is a pretty useful way to live, of all the possible purposes and meanings of life this is a goody to define your why get out of bed in the morning. I personally can’t think of a more useful one.

  6. To leave this world a better place. I don’t want to be blamed for the mess, so I think I’ll do my best not to make any. I’ll even help clean up the messes that already exist just to appease my need for being good, useful and helpful. Besides, I love the idea of leaving the world a better place for having lived in it.

  7. To contribute to the fulfilment of others. Because this is good thing to do, it feels good and you make awesome friends in the process. Why wouldn’t you???

  8. To feel good. Goes without saying that if I spend my life being fulfilled I’m probably going to feel fulfilled (feel good) in the process.

So, that’s it for today. In the next blog I want to show some even more important reasons why you should begin living with fulfilment. In later blogs I am going to explain exactly what that means and in future how to do it.