Your child's biggest challenge is self-mastery.

And Anamaya is the answer.

Children and young adults today are under huge pressure — so much to absorb, to understand, to learn. Overwhelming for them, sometimes, and always difficult.

And mastery of their own minds is the first and best step they can take. That you can help them take.

Anamaya for School is an 11-week full-curriculum Mindfulness for School course: studies have shown it is exactly this mindfulness training today's children need.

Mindfulness develops tools for life: our 11-week Foundation course can be extended to a full 52 weeks, to ensure your child gains the maximum from the training.

Join the worldwide mindfulness in schools project!

A Complete Program

Studies show mindfulness and mind training for children improves both learning and behaviour — Anamaya for School is the only mobile full-curriculum mindfulness and mind training course.

With 109 lessons and exercises over two age categories (7-11 yrs, and 11+), our Foundation Course provides your child the mindfulness and mind training skills they need. These are otherwise available only if your child's school has a full Mindfulness in School program.

A complete 11-week course — that's a school term of mindfulness!

A 12 month follow on, so your child gets the benefit of a unique set of exercises every month.

A Few Minutes at Home

The exercises are engaging and fascinating, introducing new aspects of the mind; new ways of thinking, new ways of looking at things.

New ways of understanding people, family, friends, teachers; new ways of examining your own behaviour.

Exercises take between five and seven minutes; the lessons take around 10 minutes — a small daily task to open huge new vistas of learning, understanding, and interpersonal skills.

App or Mindstream: the Choice is Yours

The App offers a beautiful iPhone experience, as well as access to the original Anamaya meditation course. Anamaya Mindstream is available at a lower cost, and offers a broader selection of courses. The choice is yours.

Learning and Behaviour

Studies have shown that children actively engaged in a mindfulness program improve in both their studies and their behaviour.

And the Anamaya for School course does not end; with a 12 month follow on, your child has fresh exercises every day for a year.

Start Any Time

The Foundation course progresses through 11 weeks of exercises and lessons, one school term's worth — but your child may start any time.

Friends and peers will be joining the fun of exploring and training their minds. Watch them testing their new-found awareness and techniques on each other.

Join In

Experience what your child is experiencing: enroll your child, and you can share the experience of their daily lesson.

Understand how your child's mind is growing.

More to Come

In early 2016 we will be producing an extension course, focussing on exams and exam stress.

The Foundation course is a prerequisite for all extension courses — it is time now to start your child on the Foundation course.

School Integration

In October 2015, the Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group (MAPPG) stated: "There is enough evidence of its potential benefits to warrant a significant scaling-up of its availability in schools." See the full report here.

Anamaya is the most efficient and cost-effective way for a school to introduce a mindfulness program, and Anamaya is working with school heads and head organisations to have the Anamaya home-based course integrated into schools across Britain.

Schools wishing to find information on the integration program may enquire directly with Anamaya.

It all takes time — give your child a head start.

App or Online

Anamaya for School is available as a new content mode of the five-star rated Anamaya app or through Anamaya Mindstream: either way, Anamaya for School is available at any time on any device.

Anamaya Mindstream provides the same content, but at a reduced price. The follow on course is only available through Anamaya Mindstream.

The Authors

Anamaya for School is part of the Anamaya App, whose principal architect is Graham Doke.

The Anamaya App team consists of a number of clinical psychologists, psychotherapists, and motivational, mindfulness, and other experts. The team is drawn not only from practitioners at the Anamaya Centre but from other practices, and from as far afield as Cape Town, Sydney, and Switzerland.

The content of Anamaya for School was developed in conjunction with members of the overall team, but principally by Graham Doke and Mira Schauble.