Your pregnancy is a wonderful, joyous and exciting time for you.

Sure, not everything is going to be a bed of roses - if you already have a child, you are aware of this. There are going to be periods of discomfort, of mood swings, of exasperating ‘mummy mind’. And above all else, you are facing change: change in your body, your circumstances - certain and definite change in your life.

And most of the time, we do not like change. It makes us uncomfortable, we worry about what is going to happen, how we are going to cope: this is simple fear of the unknown.

It is important for these moments of worry and concern for the future not to get on top of you, not to ruin your enjoyment of the experience, not to move your focus away from the wonderful thing your are doing in bringing your child into the world.

That is all very well, but how to achieve this?

First of all, the negative emotions you experience from time to time are quite natural. They are simply a reaction to the changes: but, natural or not, they do not have to bother you - they can take their place, a small, barely noticed voice that gives expression quietly and rarely.

Getting them to take their place and keeping them there is part of a process, a process that will allow you to achieve a state of emotional stability, of harmony, during your pregnancy. And this harmony is exactly what your child needs.

The first part of the process is to understand where the emotions come from, and their nature.

Intellectually, you will be able to step back and recognise that this or that emotion, this anxiety or that bit of anger, was simply a product of hormones. Or, of hormones and of fear of change. It is good to recognise this as a first step, but alone it will not really help. What you need is to understand the emotion, to get to know it, to realise that in essence, it has no real substance.

This is achieved through meditation. Not one, two or three sessions, but through a daily practice. You will gradually become familiar, first with the process of meditation itself, then with the experience of your serenity - and gradually with the nature of your negative emotions.

In the App, we have specific meditations designed to bring out emotions in you, in a controlled manner: they come to the fore, not as a horrid experience, but simply as a gentle manifestation. Once they are there, you can examine them - you can see them for what they are.

It is amazing how fear, anger, frustration and the rest shrink to nothing when you have a chance to examine them quietly in meditation.

The exercises in the App encourage just that - you allow your surges of emotion to shrink, so that they do not bother you any more.

It takes practice, but you will soon become familiar, and it will become second nature. Your meditation practice becomes your rock, your source of stability.