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Press Releases

16 November 2015 — Anamaya launches world’s first mindfulness app for young people

Leading health and wellbeing centre Anamaya has today launched a full-curriculum mindfulness course for young people — Anamaya for School. An offshoot of the centre’s popular app for adults, Anamaya for School offers children and young adults a full mindfulness programme on their phones for use at home.

28 April 2015 — Anamaya Joins Forces with Industry Experts to Launch Self-Development App Aimed At Developing The Mind For ‘A Better Way of Being’

Break-through meditation app, Anamaya, which has recently celebrated its 17,000 meditation mark, has launched a range of exciting new self-development modules, set to help people combat everyday issues such as anxiety, relationship problems, and coping with loss, which are having significant impact on their day-to-day lives.

24 November 2014 — Anamaya Centre Launches Revolutionary Meditation App

A groundbreaking new meditation app is being launched today by Anamaya, owner of the world-renowned London-based health and wellbeing centre. The eponymously named app is based upon clinical work carried out at the centre.

Anamaya Press Kit

The Anamaya Press Kit contains the following items:

  • Press Release
  • Screenshots for screen (png) & print (tiff)
  • Anamaya logo (eps)
  • Application icon (png)

Karuna Shechen

Karuna Shechen is a philanthropic organisation founded by renowned writer, monk, and “the happiest man in the world” Matthieu Ricard. It provides essential care and education to children in the Himalayas.

Anamaya feels privileged to be associated with Karuna Shechen. The initial association stems from a teaching lineage: Matthieu Ricard’s first teacher, Kangyur Rinpoche, was the father of Jigme Khyentse Rinpoche who is Graham Doke’s teacher.

Jigme Khyentse Rinpoche is also the teacher of many of Karuna Shechen’s volunteers and the one to whom Matthieu’s book Happiness is dedicated.

Visit Karuna Shechen for more information.

Tap the photo above to hear a welcome message from Karuna founder Matthieu Ricard.


Meditation Content

The guided meditations for the Anamaya application evolved over many years in the course of Graham's meditation practice and his work at the Anamaya clinic. He attributes any wisdom in the work to his teachers.

Recording, Sound & Illustrations

Many of the recordings were supervised by Dominic Angas and mastered by Armando Lopez in London. Sound design for the Wooden Block and Tubular Bell timer sounds was conducted by Jonathan Koch.

A special note of thanks to New Zealand-based artist Andrew Forrest for composing and contributing the sound used during the introduction sequence and the Shimmer timer sound. The excerpts are both from his album Presence – Part 3 of The Harmonics Trilogy. This album and his other works are available here.

We are grateful to shakuhachi artist Riley Lee and the Sounds True label for permission to use an excerpt from Riley Lee's Adrift on the Sea of Tranquility for the Shakuhachi timer sound. More information about the shakuhachi instrument and Riley Lee's discography are available here.

Some of the ambient sounds used in the application are used under a Creative Commons attribution license, including field recordings by Tim Kahn and mc2method.

The botanical illustrations featured in the Progress section of the application were designed and crafted by Julia Allum. More information about Julia and her illustration portfolio can be found here. The idea to visualise meditation progress with plant illustrations was conceived by Marta Bylicka.

Design & Development

Jonathan Koch designed & developed the Anamaya application and this website, leveraging a number of awesome 3rd party frameworks enumerated in the credits section of the app. The ambient photography used in the application was collected during nearly a year of vagabond travel which followed his seven-year stint at Apple.