• Anamaya for School is Here

    A mobile full-course mindfulless for schools is finally here.

  • Living With Fulfilment, Living to the Max Begins

    Jim O'Connor, contributor of the module 'Living with Fulfilment,' starts his series of blogs today.

  • Four Factors of Wellbeing

    Research at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and published in the 'World Happiness Report' gives four factors for wellbeing.

  • Change the Truth About You

    Truth is not an absolute – you can change everything about yourself.

  • Introducing the Quizzes

    Serious, but fun - the Anamaya Quizzes can tell you a lot about yourself.

  • Selecting Module Topics

    The aim is not just to get well, but to thrive. Learn about the self-development modules we have defined for the upcoming release of Anamaya.

  • Meet Our Panel of Experts

    For the upcoming Anamaya app release, we have collaborated with a diverse group of experts from around the world to build a comprehensive self-development resource.

  • Introducing the Modules

    The Anamaya app is getting a major upgrade soon with a completely redesigned learning centre. Now with over 12 self-development modules led by experts and therapists in a variety of fields, Anamaya is your source for self-development.

  • The Warbler

    Birds can create some wonderful imagery of sound.

  • Our Trojan Horse

    The App is a modern-day trojan horse, infiltrating computers with mind

  • The Ages

    A Haiku for this week's full moon

  • That Dress

    Seeing this dress differently is the key to some larger issues.

  • The Shadow

    Sometimes a different perspective can come from an unexpected source.

  • Meditation: A Lifestyle Choice?

    Meditation is a lifestyle choice - but it lacks the downside of most lifestyle choices.

  • The Sneeze

    Enjoy this week's little gem of observation from the 1700s.

  • The Silence

    The quietness of anticipation...

  • Mind Training Matters

    We devote enormous amounts of time to 'feeling good' - but do we know what that means?

  • An Ancient Pond

    Join us in our weekly showcase of the Art of Haiku: wonderful little poems; simple, serene, tranquil.

  • Enduring Chronic Pain

    Tests have shown that meditation can provide not only mental but physical relief for chronic pain sufferers.

  • The Calmness of Your Mind

    No matter how busy or anxious or stressed we get, there is always an aspect of our minds that is calm and peaceful. We need to be aware of it.

  • Calming Down

    Take take a moment out of your day, simply allow yourself to calm down with this video meditation.

  • The Runner's Mind

    At first brush, they may appear at opposite extremes, the runner and the meditator. The one pounds the pavement or hops the rocks on a trail for mile after mile, the other sits, and makes a study of doing nothing. But first appearances are deceiving.

  • Pregnancy and Your Emotions

    Achieving serenity is not a matter of controlling your emotions - it is about understanding them, befriending them. Once you have done this, your emotions will be no more destabilising than a ripple touching the side of a boat.

  • Incidental Benefits of Meditation

    There is plenty of material available to support the idea that meditating during pregnancy is a good, sound and advisable thing to do, that the mental and emotional calmness and stability it produces is beneficial for both mother and child.

  • Bonding with Baby

    Meditation provides a unique chance to share your meditation...

  • Training the Mind

    In any sport, the mind and the body work together in tandem, as the left leg works with the right: it makes no more sense to train the body and not the mind than to train the left leg and not the right.

  • I Can't Meditate

    Some people protest that they cannot meditate, their minds are too busy. But not only can they meditate - the busier their minds, the more reason to meditate.