Sometimes in our lives we can reach a certain state of ‘discontented stability’: there is nothing particularly wrong with our lives, and yet, we are aware of a general quiet undercurrent of discontent. We wonder… well, is this really as good as it gets?

The problem is, we may feel this, but just cannot place where things have gone wrong — where exactly can we improve? How can we change things?

Of course, you can find a therapist to talk to. Or, you could keep reading until you hit something that resonates with you. This would be grand — but time consuming, and sometimes even time-wasting.

It is for this reason that we have created the Anamaya Quizzes which are designed to shed light on certain aspects of yourself and your life.

We call them ‘quizzes’, but they all derive from serious psychological questionnaires, designed by clinical psychologists and used in extensive psychology studies. They provide serious psychological information, information that will help you shed light on yourself and your life.

Where you find the quizzes offer you a pointer or two, we in turn offer a pointer or to towards our Modules — the easiest access you are going to get to focussed expert guidance. And the Modules are all inter-related — you may find help in more than one.

And even if you do not end up using a Module, the quizzes are fun. They are insightful — and, really, we all like to learn a little about ourselves. Sometimes we will say, ‘Well, of course!’; at other times will smile wryly and say, ‘Well, yes, I suppose I do, really.’ We may even say, ‘No way!’

But, whatever our reaction is, it is going to be fun.