The selection of topics we wished to cover in the new Anamaya Modules was dictated principally by two factors: we wished to offer help to those who find themselves in some emotional strife — the classic therapy model, if you like — but we also wanted to provide inspiration to those who were not in strife as such, but who just needed a little helpful direction in their lives.

‘Get well,’ would be the first message… ‘And thrive,’ would be the next. We wanted both, for both are essential to our continuing desire — to help people to achieve a better way of being.

Some subjects jumped out at us, as being the most requested areas in which therapy is sought: Anxiety, Relationships, and Acceptance of Loss. The international statistics are borne out by our own experience at Anamaya, as well as by the feedback we were receiving from users. These were three definites for inclusion.

We then started to look at various components that in general seemed to make up the components of a better way of being, and the very first was obvious: Happiness. The phrase ‘a better way of being’ is even pinched (or borrowed) from one of the world’s leading experts on happiness, Matthieu Ricard — who in fact provides an introduction to the app in The Basics module. Happiness automatically wrote itself in.

There can be no emotional stability without awareness of emotions, so the Emotional Awareness module was born. One of our experts, Julia Adler points out that self-acceptance is the most fundamental acceptance of all, and one most missing these days, and so came Self-Acceptance.

And, Veronica and Suncica began to speak of Positivity, to allow ourselves to grow, to blossom into everything we can be; Jim spoke of a framework for working to your optimum — he actually said, ‘Building your MoJo’! — and the shape of the self-development modules was being formed.

We then realised what we really needed was ‘outside’ expertise. Achieving a better way of being is not only a matter of therapy — there are matters of motivation, of striving, of conquering that are in the purview of those who have truly soared. We needed achievers, achievers who could tell in simple and accessible terms how they have done what they have done.

Lizzy with her awesome record in running and adventuring; Linda finding a whole new area of her life and pushing herself to excellence at it.

We can only achieve a better way of being if we are physically healthy, and there are so many ways in which we unwittingly poison ourselves in our modern society. Cleary, we needed to offer some guidance here as well: Lynda and Robin both agreed to contribute, Lynda on what we eat and Robin on how we can so easily fall prey to excess.

It is not cast in stone. Each contributor regards their module as a starting point, a foundation for further development, and each is geared to build on that foundation.

And, of course, we will listen. Just as we listened to you when you started to ask for more from a meditation app, so we will listen to you again when you ask in the future.

Our aim is to achieve a better way of being — for all of us.