Our Motivation

When we first conceived of the Anamaya app, our motivation was to help spread the benefits of meditation, to add our energy to the tidal wave of meditation & mindfulness that is sweeping the world.

Our offering into the meditation app space is fundamentally different from existing apps. The Anamaya Centre in London has an established therapeutic raison d'être. Thus, we were not inclined to promote meditation simply as a way to relax, to chill out, or as some form of ‘traffic control’ to manage the flow of thoughts. Our app’s structured meditation course is intended to help people establish the mind training necessary to handle the difficulties we all encounter in the modern world.

We Are Listening

Since our initial launch late last year, you have responded encouragingly to our approach — but you also shared your hopes for what this meditation app will become.

You want more than meditation. You want more help, more guidance.

Jack Kornfield spent 20 years as a monk before de-robing and gaining a PhD in Psychology precisely to offer more. He notes of many experienced meditators he has worked with:

“Many were deeply wounded, neurotic, frightened, grieving, and often used meditation practice to hide and avoid problematic parts of themselves. The sitting practice itself, with its emphasis on concentration and detachment, often provided a way to hide, a way to actually separate the mind from difficult areas of heart and body.”

We did our best to ameliorate this by offering Focus Areas of meditations tailored to the needs of modern life. We were inspired by feedback from our users requesting help with specific areas like anxiety, coping with loss, and other areas.

Our Solution

We were aware of this shortcoming in simple meditation, and we did our best to ameliorate it. But very quickly we began to get feedback from our users, asking very specifically for help. Crying out, in fact, for help with anxiety, with coping with loss, for guidance in a world that sometimes feels overwhelming.

Our users were asking for help. An advisor said, succinctly, ‘Well, give it to them, then.’

So, we have decided to do just that. Our next release of the Anamaya app introduces something that no other meditation app offers — in fact, something that no other app offers at all: we have 14 Modules from our panel of experts, Clinical Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Life Coaches and others, providing guidance, advice and therapy on major issues of our modern society.

Each Module consists of six sessions with the expert, designed to be listened to one a week, and integrated into the meditation course on the App. Areas such as anxiety, loss, self-acceptance, motivation and even diet are covered.

We are very excited by this offering. Unique amongst all meditation apps, we are now specifically addressing problems that often draw people to meditation — we fill a vast gap that has existed for users. And we do so with a carefully selected group of experts drawn not only from the Anamaya Centre, but from elsewhere around the world, literally from London to Cape Town to Sydney to Kathmandu.

No other meditation app, or any other app for that matter, can offer so comprehensive a package of self-development and help. You no longer simply meditate with the App — you meditate and take active guidance and help.

We believe this is a significant step in helping you to achieve a better way of being.