Now featuring Anamaya for School

An empowering self-development and meditation resource for life on the go.

We have one aim for you and your child: a better way of being.

Anamaya now features two full programs — a comprehensive meditation & mindfulness course for you and a unique Mindfulness for School programme to give your child a powerful start in life.

A comprehensive experience.

A unique combination.

Comprehensive lessons on skilful meditation and expert advice from professionals: a unique and powerful combination to calm your mind and make you master of your emotions.

Learning resources.

We give you the resources to understand more about how your mind is developing: dive deep into the science and psychology of meditation.

Track your progress.

Track your history and meditation progress on the App, visualised with beautiful botanical illustrations.

Take it step by step with the Modules.

It's your choice.

You know your mind — choose your first expert Module for what's going on right now.

And then match the Meditation Focus to your Module - choose from 11 Focuses, from Anxiety to Concentration, from Pregnancy to Sport.

You set the pace. Learn skilful meditation, calm your mind, master your emotions; and learn from the expert — all at your own pace.

You can change the focus of your skilful meditation as you go along; and you advance from lesson to lesson and level to level as you wish.

Go quicker, or linger: it is your mind you are training.

Your progress. Visualised.

Maintain your plant’s health.

You meditate as you develop, you develop as you meditate: your plant’s health level is determined by the consistency of your meditation practice.

Unlock species as you go.

California poppy, cherry tree bonsai and lotus. Your continued practice affords you new options.

Stay on track.

There are pauses in the Modules and the Meditations — set a daily reminder for yourself.

Ambiance, timer, and more.

Set the mood.

Customise your learning experience with images and sounds: match the mood of the App to how you feel.

Meditation timer.

Test you skilful meditation with meditating without guidance: set the timer and simply sit.

Thoughtful Design design.

The Anamaya experience does not intrude — but there it is full of quiet and gentle experiences you find when exploring.

Unlock your potential.

Access modules individually by in-app purchase — you know where you should start. Then move on — you are creating a better way of being.

In-app purchase will move you from level to level in the meditation course — feel your meditations becoming more skilful.

Get started right away.

Your fist level to start your skilful meditation course comes with the first Module o the first download. Your meditation timer comes too. Get started — progress to other levels and Modules when you are ready.

Help others while you grow.

Anamaya donates 20% of proceeds to Karuna Shechen, a humanitarian association founded by French monk Matthieu Ricard in Nepal. A generous benefactor covers the administrative costs of Karuna Shechen, so 100% of the donations to the association goes to those in need.

° A network connection is required. Standard rates apply and WiFi is recommended.


  • Anxiety
  • Relationships
  • Happiness
  • Motivation
  • Positivity
  • Living with Purpose
  • Yes, I Can
  • Emotional Awareness
  • Acceptance
  • Self-acceptance
  • EA in the Workplace
  • Recognising Addiction
  • Learning About Food

Focus Areas

  • General (Free)
  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Concentration
  • Focus
  • Pain
  • Loud Brain
  • Worry
  • Stress
  • Sport
  • Relax

What Others Are Saying

“I think this is one of the best meditation apps I have yet come across.”

~ Hazel Courteney
Author of 'Countdown to Coherence'

“My meditation sessions with Graham opened my eyes to how a calm 10 minutes can improve my powers of focus.”

~ Emma Parlons
West London Living

“With over 360 guided meditations, mindfulness exercises, visualisations and tips, this is a really comprehensive app.”

~ Psychologies
October 2014

“This app is a great support to anyone who is trying to develop a more mindful approach to life. It is a comprehensive and thoughtfully produced programme.”

~ AppStore Review

“This app provides a guided meditation experience in a soothing environment. It is very effective. The best meditation app.”

~ AppStore Review

“Om! I love this app: beautiful design, simple to use, and with amazing content. I start to relax the second I open it.”

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